Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

17 May

We had an awesome time at the Mets game last night, even though the Mets lost. They just can’t seem to score any runs for Johan Santana, but that’s for another rant and another blog :) . It was great to get out just the three of us and have some family fun and leave work and everything else behind for a few hours.I thought I would do a quick post on some of the things available food-wise now at the ballpark.We all ate ballpark food, well sort of. Ballpark food has sure changed over the years. Sure you can still get a hot dog, a pretzel and popcorn (and we did get popcorn), but you can pretty much get whatever else you might feel like having at Citi Field too. Sean had pizza, which was real New York pizza from Cascarino’s, and I have to say even though I am not a big pizza eater, it looked and smelled really good. Instead of having the usual hot dog, I went off the board and tried a hot pastrami on rye from the sandwich shop they have there. It was an awesome grilled pastrami round brisket that they cut and put on fresh rye bread with some great New York deli mustard and the best half sour pickle I have had in a very long time. It was the best pastrami sandwich I have had in ages and I would definitely get it again. Michelle went with a Keith burger from the Keith Hernandez grill and she was a little disappointed in it. The burger itself wasn’t bad, and the greens and tomato on it were super fresh, but she wasn’t thrilled with the amount of mustard on it and didn’t like the taste of it. For the price of the burger ($11.00) it was a disappointment. Sorry Keith.

They have a pretty wide array of selections at Citi Field that we haven’t tried yet. There is Catch of the Day featuring Shrimp Po’ Boys, El Verano Taqueria, which has Carnitas that looked awesome, Daruma of Tokyo making their own sushi (I don’t think I would go for sushi at the ballpark; I love it, but it just doesn’t feel right) and the World’s Fare Market, which offers Chinese, Korean, light fare and Italian. in the past we have gotten fries from Box Frites, which were cooked perfectly and nice and crunchy, Blue Smoke and their awesome pulled pork sandwich and of course the Shake Shack, where I really liked the burgers but I have to say was a little underwhelmed by the shakes. I just didn’t think they were as good as everyone raves, at least not worth waiting online for 30 minutes for.

We had great seats by the left field foul pole (where we’ll be for 5 more games this season) and had several balls in batting practice come our way, but we didn’t get any of them. Since we’ll be back for 5 more games, it will give me the chance to try some more things and see how they are. How do you rate ballpark food nowadays? Have you been to other stadiums where you can tell us about the food? Leave a comment and let me know!

I need to go shopping tomorrow so I can some things in to cook now that this crazy week is coming to an end. I have already picked up some boneless turkey breast and some pork spare ribs, so I just have to come up with some recipes to try to post this weekend. I promise I will! Until then, enjoy your evening and enjoy your meal!

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