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Clean Mama’s 7-Day Kitchen Cleaning Plan That You Can Actually Manage | Bon Appetit

As much as we all try, it can be easy for cleaning the kitchen to get away from us. All of a sudden you wake up one morning and see that your kitchen is just a shell of what you want it to be and you have to spend hours getting it back into shape. It can be much easier for you to tackle one task at a time over the course of a week, and Bon Appetit has set out a 7-day kitchen cleaning plan that can help you get your kitchen looking its best so that maintenance becomes much easier for you. Check it out!

Source: Clean Mama’s 7-Day Kitchen Cleaning Plan That You Can Actually Manage | Bon Appetit


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8 Line Cooks Share Hacks to Cut Your Prep Time in Half | Bon Appetit

Prep work for a meal is something many of us do not have a lot of time to handle, particularly during the week when things get hectic enough. Finding shortcuts, better ways and more efficient methods is always a beautiful thing to help you save some time chopping vegetables and getting things ready for a meal during the week or on the weekend. Bon Appetit has 8 tips here from professional line cooks that they use to make their job easier so you would have to think they are methods that would benefit the rest of us really well. Check it out!

New recipes coming this week for sure as I iron out some free time to do more blogging in between other responsibilities and adventures. Check back and see what is going on!

Source: 8 Line Cooks Share Hacks to Cut Your Prep Time in Half | Bon Appetit


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The Best Pots and Pans for Every Kitchen | SAVEUR

As much as I may want to believe that I can do everything with my cast iron pan, there are times where your cooking calls for something a little different. Having some basic pots and pans in the house can make your cooking more efficient and easier and it allows you a bit more freedom to experiment with new recipes. Saveur has put together what they think are the best pots and pans for your kitchen, and it’s hard to argue with the types they have selected. Check it out and see if you could add something new to your cooking arsenal!

Source: The Best Pots and Pans for Every Kitchen | SAVEUR

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Watch Chef Jacques Pépin Demonstrate 7 Mesmerizing Knife Techniques – Bon Appétit

One thing I have always wished I could do better in the kitchen involves my knife skills. While they are better, I could still use some work and improvement. If you are like me and want to work on your knife skills, who better to learn from than cooking legend Jacques Pepin? Bon Appetit has 7 how-to videos from the master that cover different knife techniques so you can learn to be an expert at the chopping board. Check it out!

Source: Watch Chef Jacques Pépin Demonstrate 7 Mesmerizing Knife Techniques – Bon Appétit

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Basic Knife Skills – NYT Cooking

I am certainly no expert when it comes to using a knife. I always wish that it was something I was a little better with so that doing all of the prep work before cooking would be a little bit easier and quicker. New York Times Cooking has put together some basic information and a video to talk about basic Knife skills, choosing the right knives, taking care of them and learning to make cuts like an expert. The information is pretty helpful and perhaps it can assist you in improving on your own knife skills. Check it out!

Source: Basic Knife Skills – NYT Cooking

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Cast Iron Skillet Recipes – Southern Living

Cast Iron Skillet Recipes – Southern Living.

There is nothing quite like cooking in a cast iron skillet. I have three cast iron pans now (4 if I count my grill pan) and use them for literally everything that I can from searing, sauteing, frying, deep frying, roasting, baking, broiling and more. Southern Living has 26 great cast iron skillet recipes for you for everything from breakfast to dinner, appetizers to dessert, so you can see how to cook just about anything you want in your cast iron. Check it out!


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16 Kitchen Skills Every Home Chef Must Know | Real Simple

16 Kitchen Skills Every Home Chef Must Know | Real Simple.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the kitchen or just trying your hand out on your own with cooking, you can always use some hints, tips, tricks and techniques that can help you be a little bit better and do things better. Real Simple has put together 16 kitchen skills for every home chef to help you hone your kitchen skills so you can do nearly anything in your kitchen at home. Check it out!


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39 Delicious Things You Can Make In A Skillet

39 Delicious Things You Can Make In A Skillet.

Skillet cooking is a great way to make use of that cast-iron skillet or stainless steel skillet and make a whole meal right in one pan on many occasions. Buzz Feed has put together 39 great skillet recipes to cover everything that you like and more to make delicious, easy meals. Check it out!


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Zounds Fantazztic! My Review of the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker

I am finally getting around to finding some time to blog about some of the things that I got as gifts this past holiday season. I know it might seem a little late for something like that, but one of the things I received is a breadmaker. The breadmaker is something that I have talked about getting for a long time since we do seem to go through quite a bit of bread in this house and I do not know about where you live, but here the price of bread can get quite expensive. Even just for a regular loaf of rye bread it can cost over $3. I came to the conclusion that I could make a good quality bread right at home on my own for less money, but if I had to spend all of the time doing all the work it would really cut into my day and maybe it would not be worth it. That is why the breadmaker seemed like a good investment. I looked around at various models before I finally decided to add to my Amazon wish list the Zojirushi breadmaker. I really like the model that had the ability to make a larger loaf of bread and a more traditional horizontal loaf, unlike other makers that make a vertical loaf with a big hole in where the kneading takes place. That is why I chose the model that I got and here is my quick review of what it has to offer.

The Zojirushi BB-CEC20 model has everything I could hope for in a bread machine. To start off with, it was packed better than most any other small appliance that I have ever come across. There were all kinds of protection for the machine on top, around and on the bottom of the box. The machine is quite heavy itself so I needed to be careful with it when I took it out of the box and decided to place it on the butcher block kitchen cart that we have as its best location. The breadmaker comes with an instructional DVD that takes you through the basics of how to use the machine, all of its parts, how to set it up properly and a couple of the basic recipes. The DVD is pretty short and does not really provide you with that much more information than what you would get out of just reading the operating instructions book that comes with it. The operation instructions cover everything that you would need to know and give you several different recipes that you can use for all kinds of basic breads. It covers everything from white bread, rye bread, whole wheat bread, cinnamon raisin bread and more. It also gives recipes for some basic dough so that you can make pizza dough, pretzels, rolls, croissants or other types of bread that you want to form into different shapes such as baguettes, ciabatta and the like. You could also do some basic pound cake recipes or quick breads like banana bread or zucchini bread. There are even recipes for sourdough starters and a homemade course cycle which allows you to program each of the cycles to adapt better to your particular bread recipes.


Now on to the basics of the machine itself. I really liked how simple it is to put everything together and the baking pan that is inside the machine has a nice nonstick coating on the inside to help you easily remove breads that you have baked or even doughs that have just been kneaded. The machine also comes with a 1 cup measure and a tablespoon/teaspoon for you to use for your measurements. The actual use of the machine could not be much easier than it is. I started off with the first recipe that I tried using the basic white bread recipe that comes in the manual. The basic white bread recipe is also posted right on the side of the machine so you do not always have to have access to the manual if you just wanted to make a simple sandwich bread. All you needed to do was put the ingredients right in, although they do need to be placed in a specific order in order to guarantee proper mixing and rising (water, flour, sugar, salt, dry milk, butter and then yeast in the center of the flour). I then plugged the machine in, and you get your choice of choosing not just what type of course you would like to make, whether it is a basic bread or a quick bread (you can use rapid rise yeast for the quick cycle) but you can also choose what type of crusty want for your bread, choosing light, medium or dark. Once you have selected that it is just a matter of pressing the start button and letting machine do its thing. The basic white bread recipe takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to do all the mixing, kneading, rising and baking. Once the bread is complete the machine beeps to let you know that it is finished. You can just pop open the lid and take the baking pan out, though you want to remember to use oven mitts while you are removing the baking pan as it will be quite hot. Because the baking pan is nonstick you do not have to struggle to try to get the loaf out of the pan. I also like the fact that the kneading paddles are small so it does not leave a giant hole in the bottom of your loaf of bread from where the dough was resting. The kneading paddles are also very sturdy and do a great job throughout the process. The final product was excellent and even though I am not a big fan of plain white bread, I have to admit that the bread came out quite nice and had a really good crunch to it. We have made several loaves of white bread since the Christmas holiday and Sean takes some for a sandwich for lunch just about every day to school. I would definitely recommend this particular breadmaker over the others that you find on the market today. Though the price can be a lot more, with this model costing nearly $250, it is certainly worth the investment and will pay for itself over the long-term if you use it regularly. Zojirushi also has a number of recipes posted right on their website that are not in the manual that you can try out. I have included a couple of pictures of the machine along with a picture of some of the white bread that we made recently. Tomorrow I will post the rye bread recipe that I used to make some tasty rye bread.


That’s all I have for today. Check back next time for another recipe. Until then, enjoy the rest of your day and enjoy your meal!

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Recipes to Cook with Your Cast Iron Skillet

Recipes to Cook with Your Cast Iron Skillet.

I love my cast iron skillets and you can never have too many recipes that make great use of them. Bon Appetit has put together 18 recipes for you that you can use for your cast iron skillet for everything from breakfast to dessert. Check it out!


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